The Leadership Navigation Guides by Bill Mather

Most leadership books are written by academics, corporate gurus or motivational speakers, and they usually focus on personal benefits from becoming a better styled leader.

This series of guides couldn’t be more different and is unique—written by a cause leader for cause leaders to help achieve social progress and impact ‘for the world we need to live in’.

Noble causes are neither easy nor simple, whether local in scale or grand in design; they are not achieved through leadership theories however well-conceived or by copying the exceptional charismatic leaders pursuing career ambitions rather than a real social purpose.

This guide series is for the ordinary person passionate to achieve extraordinary things for the common good—the cause leader exploring how best to lead, either as an emerging or an appointed leader. This is important work: complex, demanding and unpredictable—hence the navigator theme. This also means that the guides don’t hold simple routes to success.

My Sphere of LeadershipTM is used throughout all guides as the model for cause leadership—providing the compass to navigate the terrain and to approach the challenges with insight, fortitude and confidence.

The guides are pocket-sized, and have full-page insights pages and diagrams to be a means of reference for the leader to think differently and carefully at each important step on the way.

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These pocket sized guides are designed for the cause leader exploring how best to lead in a complex, demanding and unpredictable world

The Quadrants of Influence:

If contributing to social progress is one of your goals, this guide is essential reading. It provides a compass for navigating your leadership potential and effectiveness: the forms, functions and dynamics of leadership from the special perspective of being an agent of social change.

The Sphere of Leadership is a model that is both simple and capable of great depth, providing insights on how leadership influence operates and how it impacts on culture and relationships. The guide is written in an informal and accessible style to provide a set of practical frameworks and tools for leaders with a cause


Creating support for social change requires broad based, strong, value grounded relationships that are more demanding than standard leader follower connections. Cause Leaders navigate relationships to generate and mobilise active enthusiasts in a competitive environment for causes and followings.

This guide uses The Sphere of Leadership to examine how commitments are considered by potential followers, prospective leaders are assessed and a following secured. It gives a fresh reality check on the nature of following and leading from the closest change of crew team members to the more distant stakeholders.

The Leadership Identikit:

Social progress is seldom achieved as a solo project with one movement of followers, but is negotiated with leaders of the status quo and those with synergies and contributions to offer in transforming the environment. Navigating the currents of leadership power is the subject of this guide, which categorises the nature of leaders, providing an identikit.

Whether the cause is to transform a whole system, an organisation, a facility or an operation, competing leadership influences will need careful treatment. The guide presents how to both harness positive power and handle power that is resisting the change.